Miracle Matcha Gluten Free Scotch Eggs (4)


Using our award winning Health Mix-In we have created our hand made gluten free scotch eggs, delicious whether your gluten intolerant or not!

We take large free range eggs and carefully wrap them in a well seasoned British gluten free sausage meat, and generously coat them in our Miracle Health Mix which is a combination of golden milled flax seeds, Chia seeds, Goji berry powder and of course our high grade white tea Matcha with 3 times the anti-oxidants of the best Japanese green tea Matcha! 

Then we carefully fry in vegetable oil for just the right amount of time for a glorious golden finish, and delivered to you in 'keep chilled' packaging ready to be served cold or re-heated in the oven for a warming and hearty main meal. Freshly prepared every day and available to order in batches  of 4 or 6.