Miracle Matcha: the ultimate anti-oxidant

We are delighted to introduce our new exclusively-sourced ingredient Miracle Matcha, available only from Miracle Matcha Ltd. Miracle Matcha has among the highest recorded levels of the important anti-oxidant polyphenols versus any other tea type and versus any fruits, according to rigorous laboratory testing.

Miracle Matcha contains up to three times more anti-oxidant polyphenols than Asian green tea matchas. It is also an excellent source of protein and dietary fibre, in fact, the fibre content is higher than most household bran cereals.

Anti-oxidant powerhouse

Matcha contains amazingly high levels of anti-oxidant polyphenols and catechins which are known to help fight disease. While these are found in green tea, already renowned for its health-boosting benefits, Miracle Matcha has greater potential health benefits,* according to rigorous laboratory tests.

Miracle Matcha contains up to three times the level of polyphenols of green tea matchas from Asia – it really is an anti-oxidant powerhouse! Miracle Matcha also contains high levels of protein (27%) and dietary fibre (21%) and is very low in fat and sodium.

What is matcha and where does it come from?

Matcha is essentially a very concentrated, powdered form of green or white tea. Because of the way it's grown and processed, this means that it's packed full of essential vitamins and minerals. Only by consuming the tea leaves whole, does our body get the maximum benefit from this "super tea".

Miracle Matcha starts life in a high-altitude Rainforest Alliance, Fair Trade accredited tea plantation over 6000 feet above the Kenyan Rift Valley. This unique location, where the air quality and sunlight are exceptional, provides the ideal environment for the plant to thrive. The youngest leaves and buds from the white tea plants are handpicked to ensure only the highest grade matcha makes it into our products. Importantly, no pesticides or herbicides are used, so the Miracle Matcha range is chemical free.

Now begins the unique and ancient 'matcha' processing technique. The tea leaves are naturally dried and ground to a fine powder using a stone-milling process to retain all of its anti-oxidant goodness.

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