It's Healthy!

Contains high levels of the anti-oxidant polyphenol as well as protein, dietary fibre and disease-fighting catechins.

It's Convenient!

Miracle Matcha products can be eaten, drunk or added to almost any food, drink or snack.

It's Delicious!

Unlike many health foods, our Miracle Matcha products taste great.

It's Pure!

All ingredients in the range are 100% natural and all our products are suitable for vegans, those on a low-sodium and low-sugar diets. The Vegetarian Society has approved all Miracle Matcha products.

It's Fair!

Miracle Matcha is both Fair Trade and Rainforest Alliance accredited, ensuring fair terms for farmers and protecting the environment.


Miracle Matcha is high is polyphenolsOur fantastic range of products contains the cleansing and health-boosting properties of Miracle Matcha. Exclusive to us, you will not find this super ingredient anywhere else.

According to rigorous laboratory tests, the active ingredient "matcha" has around three times the level of the important anti-oxidant polyphenol than any other Asian green tea matchas. Anti-oxidants are important for keeping your body healthy and helping to fight disease.

Each product in our Miracle Matcha range has been carefully developed by our experts to be extremely versatile, allowing you to take this amazingly healthy ingredient easily with meals, snacks or drinks, at home or on the go:

Miracle Matcha comes from white tea leaves grown high above the fertile Rift Valley in Kenya, which are handpicked, dried and finely milled. It is an anti-oxidant powerhouse!

Try a Miracle Matcha product today. Your body will thank you for it.

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