Miracle Chocolate bars

They're here!! Miracle Matcha now brings you our very own unique blend of healthy chocolate called "Tea Infusions".

Made from the finest Belgium chocolate using only the best healthy cocoa, our philosophy is to unify the two worlds of healthy eating and indulgence, perfectly, so health conscious people no longer need to compromise to enjoy an occasional delicious treat! Available in 6 delicious tea flavours and in plain milk and plain dark chocolate too, there's sure to be a favourite for even the most discerning palate.

Packed with powerful anti-oxidants from our Miracle Matcha tea powder, with the golden milled flax seed (high in Omega 3 oil) Chia Seeds and gogi berry powder (also a great source of antioxidants) from our Miracle Matcha ‘health mix-in’ we have created a unique and delicious range of milk, dark and white chocolate bars.

Our amazing ingredient Miracle Matcha contains up to three times more anti-oxidant polyphenols than Asian green tea matchas. It also contains catechins, another type of anti-oxidant found to help prevent some diseases and is an excellent source of protein and dietary fibre - in fact, the fibre content of our Matcha gram for gram is higher than most household bran cereals.