by Allan Willmott February 06, 2017

White Tea Vs Green Tea: The Nutritional And Antioxidant Benefits

 The popularity of green tea and white tea is increasing. But what's the difference between them in terms of nutritional benefits and antioxidants?

 Both come from the tea plant called Camellia Sinesis. The difference is that the leaves used for white tea are harvested much sooner than the green tea ones. They don't get to oxidize that much.

 These are the main nutritional and antioxidant benefits of white tea vs green tea:

- All the leaves of Camellia sinesis contain polyphenols.

Polyphenols are phytonutrients responsible for multiple health benefits. Therefore, both types of tea can improve the immune system, reduce the blood pressure and actively contribute to prevent serious diseases.

 - They contain the same kinds of antioxidants, but in different quantities.

As white tea involves less processing,it retains a higher quantity of antioxidants. This allows it to fight free radicals very effectively and to prevent premature aging. White tea also has more powerful anti-elastase properties, which slow down the break-down of collagen and elastin and keep skin youthful for a longer period of time.

 - White tea has less caffeine.

It contains only 10-15 g per cup compared to green tea that contains around 20 g. This makes green tea more efficient in boosting one's energy levels. Also, the caffeine content can promote weight loss and serve as a good ally for individuals who want to keep their weight under control.

 According to the study 'Beneficial effects of green tea: A literature review' published in 2010, the catechin contained by green tea can treat metabolic syndrome like obesity, as well as type II diabetes. It also lowers the cholesterol and it suppress the elevation of blood glucose.

 - White tea contains fluoride.

Fluoride is known for supporting teeth and gum health.

 Both types of tea are healthy. Green tea has the advantage of being a more refreshing beverage due to the caffeine content, while white tea is richer in antioxidants.

Allan Willmott
Allan Willmott


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