by Tim Gill January 25, 2017

About the Miracle Matcha Range of products

Matcha – The Special Ingredient 

The key ingredient, Matcha, is derived from an ancient process of grinding the highest quality whole tea leaves so that a fine powder is formed, retaining all of the health-giving properties known as polyphenols and catechins. Not all tea types are suitable and our Matcha is derived from a very high tea plantation in Kenya whose air quality soil and sunlight have produced an exceptional tea bush from which our “Miracle Matcha” is made.

Miracle Matcha also scores very highly on protein level (27%) and dietary fibre (21%) whilst also being very low on fat and sodium. In fact, the fibre content is higher than all household bran cereals. Our Matcha is also very low in caffeine (under 2% compared to typically 8% plus for green tea Matcha’s)

What’s so special about Miracle Matcha?

Miracle Matcha has the highest recorded polyphenols (antioxidant) level found in rigorous bio lab tests in Canada versus any other tea type and versus any fruits. The testing took into account all recognised methods of calculating polyphenols so that there wouldn’t be any one-off or random results. Green Tea is already renowned for its catechins (antioxidants that are found to prevent cancers) but our Matcha’s white tea Matcha goes well beyond the norm, hence the name for our brand ‘Miracle Matcha’.  Compared to other Matcha’s from Asia, Miracle Matcha can contain up to 3 times the level of polyphenols, gram for gram of the best recorded Japanese ceremonial Matcha’s. Our Miracle Matcha is also high L-Theanine the natural enzyme that is known to stimulate the reproduction of brain cells.


Where does it come from?

Miracle Matcha starts life in a high-altitude rainforest alliance, fair trade accredited tea plantation over 6000 feet above the Kenyan Rift Valley. This unique location, where the air quality and sunlight are exceptional, provides the ideal environment for the tea bushes to thrive.


The youngest leaves and buds from the white tea plants are handpicked to ensure only the highest grade Matcha makes it into our products. Importantly, no pesticides or herbicides are used, so Miracle Matcha whole range is chemical free.

 The tea leaves are then naturally dried and ground to a fine powder using some very modern high tech milling processes to retain all of its anti-oxidant goodness.  With Miracle Matcha you ingest the whole tea leaf, so all the anti-oxidant goodness is retained and as much is absorbed by the body as possible. When you drink normal green tea, you throw away most of the goodness. Imagine the benefits of ingesting the whole leaf! 

boosting benefits, Miracle Matcha has greater potential health benefits, according to rigorous laboratory tests. 

 How will Miracle Matcha products make me healthier?

Our fantastic range of products contains the cleansing and health-boosting properties of Miracle Matcha. Exclusive to us, you will not find this super ingredient anywhere else.  Anti-oxidants are important for keeping your body healthy and helping to fight disease.

Has Matcha been used before?

 Yes! Matcha has been used for centuries by Zen Buddhists to keep them alert and focused during meditation ceremonies.  In the Far East, particularly Japan, green tea Matcha has been used in ceremonial tea rituals since ancient times. 

Traditionally, Matcha has been infused with hot water and then whisked to create a frothy drink. More recently, green tea Matcha has begun to be used in a range of food and drink products including ice cream, confectionary and dairy drinks. In a similar way our aim is to incorporate the incredible antioxidant benefits, fibre and protein of our Matcha tea as functional ingredient into our expanding  range of healthy, tasty, nutritionally beneficial foods & drinks.

Tim Gill
Tim Gill


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